Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

Who is the Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) for, and what are the benefits?

By far the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and stress-free visa you can apply for is the KITAP Visa. Overall, the KITAP will save you many hours of travel, money, stress, and time, making it the best alternative for expats in Indonesia.

Because it is the most complete visa, it is also one of the most difficult to obtain. In this post, we’ll go through the many methods for obtaining one, as well as some helpful hints that will allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time worrying about your visa.

To begin, What is a KITAP?

Simply explained, the KITAP is a 5-year permanent stay visa that allows the holder to remain in Indonesia.

Unlike the KITAS, which is a yearly permit, obtaining a KITAP will relieve you of the need to visit the immigration office every year or spend months going over paperwork.

What are the advantages of a KITAP?
The obvious advantage of having a KITAP is that you don’t have to apply for a visa every year; in addition, you can apply for/obtain the following:

Indonesian identification card (with a 5-year validity)
Obtain a driver’s license in your area (with a 5-year validity)
You can open a bank account, apply for a credit card, or borrow money.
Rather than paying tourist costs, you can pay local pricing at attractions.
For the next two years, you can freely enter and exit the country.

Finally, if you are married to an Indonesian, you are entitled to joint property ownership.

A KITAP can be applied for by anyone.
Because the KITAP is the most prestigious type of visa, not everyone is eligible to apply; nonetheless, there are other options:

  1. Foreigners married to Indonesians
  2. Retirees from other countries who want to spend their retirement years in Indonesia
  3. Foreign investors, directors, or commissioners in an Indonesian firm (PT PMA) who have worked there for at least 4 years
  4. Indonesian citizens who are recovering their citizenship

Let’s look at each choice in greater depth, including the requirements and any other relevant information:

KITAP sponsored by a Spouse

You can apply for a KITAP if you are married to an Indonesian citizen, but you will not be able to do so until you have been married for two years.

Even if you have a marriage certificate, it does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa or be able to remain permanently in Indonesia.

There are two ways to receive the KITAP in this scenario: the first is to obtain a spouse visa that is sponsored by your husband after you are married, or you can apply for a KITAS.

As previously stated, you must complete this process for two years in a row prior to applying for the KITAP in either case.

If you’ve been married for at least two years, you can apply for a KITAP after acquiring your spouse’s KITAS, which means you won’t have to extend your visa twice.

KITAP for Retirement

For most individuals, moving to an island paradise and escaping the sadness and gloom of their home country is the ideal way to spend their golden years (and who can blame them).

The age criterion is the most important factor in applying for a retirement KITAP. To apply for a retirement KITAP, you must be above 55 years old and have held a retirement visa for the past four years.

KITAP is a foreign investor and a high-ranking employee.
Although the KITAS is somewhat convenient, needing to renew it every year is time consuming and mildly aggravating, as previously stated.

The good news is that you are eligible to apply for the KITAP if you have worked in Indonesia for the past four years, have had a valid work permit (IMTA), and have held the post of Director or Commissioner (at the same company) during that time.

You will, of course, be needed to produce all supporting documentation, but after that is completed, you can sit back, relax, and concentrate on the things that are essential to you.

How to Get a Permanent Stay Permit in 6 Easy Steps (KITAP)

  1. Provide all visa-related papers.
  2. The online immigration system will be used to upload all documents. The applicant will receive an E-Visa (Electronic Visa) once the visa has been approved, which they must print.
  3. The Applicant may now use the E-Visa to enter Indonesia.
  4. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the applicant must complete a biometric, which includes taking a profile photo and providing fingerprints.
  5. Within three days, the applicant will receive the KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit).
  6. Within 14 days of receiving your KITAS, you must register with the civil department, where you will receive your SKSKPS (Certificate of Family Formation of Temporary Residents) and STM (Statement of Temporary Residents) (Police Certificate)

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