Single Entry VISA

Who is a single entry Visa for, and what are the advantages?

If you are planning a long trip to visit family, attend conferences, or simply travel around this beautiful country and do not want to deal with the hassle of constantly leaving and entering the country, the Single-Entry Visa is for you.

The Single-Entry Visa permits foreigners to visit the nation for 60 days, with the option to extend it four more times in 30 days increments. The maximum duration of this visa is 6 months, after which the visa holder will be unable to leave the country or the visa will expire.

It’s vital to remember that this visa is only for social trips, and you can’t do any business.

If you plan to work in Indonesia full-time, you will need a working visa, also known as a KITAS, or a Multiple Entry Visa if you will be visiting and exiting the country regularly for business trips.


Provide all appropriate visa papers.

The online immigration system will be used to upload all documentation. The applicant will receive an E Visa (Electronic Visa) once the visa has been approved, which they must print.

The applicant may now use the E-Visa to enter Indonesia.

The visa is valid for 60 days beginning on the day you arrive in Indonesia. The visa is valid for 60 days and can be extended once that time has passed.

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