Dependent VISA ( KITAS)

Who is the Dependent Visa (KITAS) for, and what are the benefits?

This Dependent Visa is for you if you are visiting Indonesia with a family member who holds a KITAS. The husbands/wives and children of a primary KITAS holder are eligible for this visa. Once you have this visa, you will be able to create bank accounts, register a mobile phone, and take use of a variety of other services available to Indonesian citizens.

The holder of a Dependent KITAS is not allowed to work; but, if you decide to work later, you can apply for an IMTA and earn money. Please keep in mind that this isn’t a full-time job, and if you do get paid, you’ll need to register for an NPWP (Tax ID) and file yearly Individual Tax Reports.

To learn more about Individual Tax Reporting, click here.

If you do manage to obtain a full-time employment, you should apply for a Working KITAS and move your sponsor to your new company. Click here to learn more about the Working KITAS.

The duration of the Dependent Visa will be determined by the terms of the primary KITAS; for example, if the primary KITAS is for one year, the Dependent KITAS will also be for one year.

6 Steps To Getting Your KITAS Dependent

  1. Provide all KITAS-related documentation.
  2. The online immigration system will be used to upload all documents. The applicant will receive an E-Visa (Electronic Visa) once the visa has been approved, which they must print.
  3. The Applicant may now use the E-Visa to enter Indonesia.
  4. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the applicant must complete a biometric, which includes taking a profile photo and providing fingerprints.

5.The KITAS (Stay Permit) will be issued and given to the applicant within 3 days

  1. Withn 14 days of the KITAS issuance, you must register as the civil departmenets, whereby you will obtain your SKSKPS (Certificate of Family Formation Of Temporary Residents) & STM (Police Certificate)

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