VISA Extension

VISA Extension

Who is a Visa On Arrival (VOA) Extension for, and what are the advantages?

When flying into Indonesia without a visa, you have two alternatives when you reach at the airport. The free 30-day Visa on Arrival (non-extendable) is one option, while the premium 30-day Visa on Arrival is another (extendable).

You can extend your paid Visa on Arrival ($37 USD) once for an additional 30 days if you have chosen that option.

You must begin extending your visa seven working days before it expires, which will require you to visit the immigration office in person. Please keep in mind that you must dress formally to respect the culture when visiting the visa office. It is not uncommon for immigration officials to refuse entry based on a person’s attire (or lack thereof).


  1. your original passport and plane ticket.
  2. Your passport will be forwarded to the immigration office, where a 30-day extension will be granted.
  3. After the extension has been granted, the applicant will be required to attend a biometric session at the immigration office.
  4. Within three working days, the passport will be returned to the applicant.

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