Who are the target of Working Visa/Working KITAS and what are the benefits?

The Working Visa/Working KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit Card) is targeted on foreigners who will be working in Indonesia for a period of more than a few months. It is the most comprehensive working permit available, allowing the user to make money, open bank accounts, pay taxes, and obtain a mobile phone, among other things.

Working for a firm registered in Indonesia is required to acquire a working permit. A Foreign Owned Company (PMA), a Representative Office, or an Indonesian Owned Company can all be used for this purpose.

Depending on your job title, the length of your working visa might range from 6 to 12 months, with the validity being determined by Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower. In general, Directors, Commissioners, and Senior Managers are eligible for a 12-month extendable visa, whereas advisers are only eligible for a 6-month visa that is not extendable.

How to Get a Work Visa/Working KITAS in 8 Easy Steps:

  1. Provide all KITAS-related documentation.
  2. Documentation will be forwarded to the Ministry of Manpower to apply for the RPTKA (Expatriate Placement Plan) and IMTA (International Mobility Training Agreement) (Work Permit).
  3. For Work Permits, there is a $100 USD DPKK fund contribution that must be made to the Ministry of Manpower for the duration of the visa. This is paid in exchange for the visa.
  4. The ministry of manpower’s approval papers will be sent to the online immigration system, and visa approval will be given. Since the new E-Visa regulation, applicants will no longer be required to pick up their visa from an embassy abroad and will instead receive an electronic visa. Visa fees must be paid in advance.
  5. The applicant may now use the E-Visa to enter Indonesia.
  6. Upon arriving in Indonesia, the applicant will be required to complete a biometric, which will entail taking a profile photo and providing fingerprints.
  7. Within 3 days, the KITAS will be issued and provided to the applicant.

You must register at the civil departments within 14 days of receiving your KITAS, where you will receive your SKSKPS (Certificate of Family Formation of Temporary Residents) and STM (Police Report Certificate).

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